# Club M Pts % For Agt This Week Projected Next
1Collingwood1140133.0 %1012761Saturday
1st: 68 pts, 121 %Monday
@ Melb
2Port Adelaide1136111.8 %988884Saturday
vs Haw
3rd: 64+ pts, 113 %Friday
@ W.B.
3Brisbane1132124.7 %1081867BYE2nd: 64 pts, 123 %Saturday
@ Haw
4Melbourne1128133.9 %1110829Friday
vs Carl
4th: 56 pts, 124 %Monday
vs Coll
5St Kilda1128116.5 %889763BYE7th: 52 pts, 106 %Thursday
@ Syd
6W BulldogsGap to St Kilda (5th): W.B. need to score 78 points
1128106.9 %857802Saturday
vs Geel
5th: 56 pts, 110 %Friday
vs P.A.
7AdelaideGap to St Kilda (5th): Adel need to score 71 points
1124108.7 %977899Saturday
@ G.C.
6th: 52 pts, 109 %Saturday
vs WCE
8EssendonGap to St Kilda (5th): Ess need to score 78 points
Gap to Adelaide (7th): Ess need to score 7 points or G.C. to score 7 points
1124107.9 %978906Sunday
vs N.M.
9th: 48 pts, 106 %Sunday
@ Carl
9FremantleGap to Adelaide (7th): Freo need G.C. to score 57 points
Gap to Essendon (8th): Freo need N.M. to score 51 points
1124102.3 %945924BYE11th: 48 pts, 102 %Saturday
vs Rich
10Geelong1120118.1 %1091924Saturday
@ W.B.
8th: 48 pts, 115 %BYE
11Sydney1120101.2 %945934BYE10th: 48 pts, 104 %Thursday
vs St.K
12Gold CoastGap to Adelaide (7th): G.C. need to score 51 points
Gap to Essendon (8th): G.C. need to score 97 points
Gap to Fremantle (9th): G.C. need to score 46 points
Gap to Sydney (11th): G.C. need to score 36 points
112097.2 %879904Saturday
vs Adel
12th: 44 pts, 98 %BYE
13CarltonGap to Sydney (11th): Carl need to score 40 points
Gap to Gold Coast (12th): Carl need to score 5 points or Adel to score 6 points
111896.7 %844873Friday
@ Melb
14th: 42 pts, 101 %Sunday
vs Ess
14GWS GiantsGap to Carlton (13th): GWS need to score 96 points or Melb to score 95 points
111687.3 %8841013Sunday
vs Rich
15th: 36 pts, 88 %Sunday
@ N.M.
15Richmond111498.4 %846860Sunday
13th: 42 pts, 103 %Saturday
@ Freo
16Hawthorn111276.7 %7701004Saturday
@ P.A.
16th: 28 pts, 80 %Saturday
vs B.L.
17North Melb11866.1 %7441126Sunday
@ Ess
17th: 20 pts, 70 %Sunday
vs GWS
18WC Eagles11454.8 %6871254Saturday
vs Coll
18th: 12 pts, 58 %Saturday
@ Adel
  Projected: Final ladder position taking into account live and future matches.
+ Could easily find another win.   Vulnerable to losing four points.
N.B. All gap points assume that the opposition is held scoreless, so may not reflect final margins. Only gaps under 100 points are shown.
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